Men/Women Vocational Training Center

Ministry at Narowal City:

1st Part: Seminar on Christian Ethics, Sponsored by COH, Grace Foundation & Presbyterian Church of Pakistan. Local Coordinator: Rev. Riaz Chuhan Masih. 2nd Part: Women Empowerment of Shohabdekae Village, Sewing Machines Distribution program. 3rd Part: COH special literature distribution Around 150 people attended the one day program at local Church. Many people were blessed through unique program. Teacher/Preacher: Rev. Dr. Altaf Khan & Coordinator: Rev. Riaz Chuhan. This program helps young women in learning the skill of sewing clothes through platform provided by Grace Ministry. Most of females are from 13 ~ 20 years of age are involved in this program. Some women are elementary, some are middle school students and others have studied in our adult literacy centers. At present, we have 5 training centers at newly planted churches. Around 90 women are getting training at present. More than 100 women have learned this skill, and are breadwinners in their families. Around 10% women are Muslims. Muslims are very thankful for this ministry the church has managed for the needy people.

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